Georgia Juice

This spicy, vinegar, mustard based sauce can be used on just about anything your heart desires to add spice and zest to any meal.



  • Marinate chicken for the barbecue, use in the crock pot with a pork roast for pulled pork sandwiches or substitute chicken.
  • Add to shrimp in a sauce pan and have a meal in just a few minutes, throw them on a caesar salad or have shrimp tacos.
  • Not only is our amazing Georgia Juice great on various meats, fish and poultry it adds a zest of flavor to collard greens, green beans, baked potatoes, scrambled eggs and my favorite…my homemade bowtie alfredo.

For Georgia Juice Recipes, please visit our Recipes page.

Whatever your favorite is, add a little Georgia Juice to spice up your next meal! Enjoy...

We're now offering Half Gallon sizes for those of you out there who can't get enough of Uncle Bob's fabulous sauces and marinades. 

Just choose the size you want from the drop down menu when you place your order.

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