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I am writing today to share a dream and a story with you. Bob and I met through a mutual friend from Little League in 2003, married a year and a half later and created a blended family with his two children Marion and Robert and my two children Brandon and Brianna . We have seen many happy times and unfortunately many sad times. We lost two beautiful friends, Sara 17 and Arielle 20, but they are together in Heaven and are now our Guardian Angels.

We moved to Montgomery, Texas from Aliso Viejo, California in 2007. Yes, a culture shock to some, but we love the small town environment and friends we have found in our little town of Montgomery. Bob growing up on a farm in Woodbury, Georgia and me growing up in a small town outside of Dallas, we both feel home in Montgomery. With three children in college and the fourth close behind we were faced with the challenge of how to put four children through college. We are just normal people with normal jobs. With the loss of our dear friends we felt a closer connection with God and looked to him to help with answering our question.

It has been a tradition over the years to give Bob’s amazing BBQ sauce as Christmas gifts to family, friends and coworkers. By February we always got the repeated call, “we’re out of BBQ sauce, how do we get more?” In 2009 we decided to launch Uncle Bob’s Sauces LLC. What an amazing ride it has been. The support we have received from family and friends has been amazing and we are now in stores nationwide.

In 2010, while looking for a commercial kitchen to manufacture our sauces and rubs, friends presented us with an offer of an existing commercial kitchen that was not being used. The only catch was we needed to open a restaurant and Uncle Bob’s BBQ on the Lake LLC was born over our casual conversation between friends. Our family joined together and opened our facility in less than 30 days. It has been a crazy journey!

In 2015, friends of ours built a beautiful wedding venue and asked us if we would be interested in being a preferred vendor for this amazing facility. How could we say no? Yes…Uncle Bob’s Catering was born.

Bob and I continue to work our other jobs while building Uncle Bob’s and have had moments of sheer exhaustion, we are so blessed, but knew it was time to look for help. Another conversation with a dear friend and fellow flight attendant lead us to bringing in Chef Ron. Kim and her husband Ron were living in Napa Valley, California and were ready to find a small town environment where Ron could excel his culinary experience. With Chef Ron’s catering experience and BBQ competition experience it was a perfect fit. In April 2016, Chef Ron and his wife Kim made the move to Texas to help us expand Uncle Bob’s Catering and Uncle Bob’s BBQ on the Lake. Chef Ron has already expanded our menu to include daily features other than BBQ, held fun cooking demonstrations and dinner parties in our neighborhood and expanded our catering options.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our trust in God’s plan, the love and help of our children, family, friends and our amazing customers!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Bob and Terri Blalock

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